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A RAK a day keeps bad karma away!!

So, today I had to go for my mammogram…standard operating procedure for a 40 year old woman.  So as I was driving to the dr.’s office thinking about how my boobs were about to be smashed by some mid-evil torture device that had to have been invented by a man…I had an idea.  I was going to RAK the shit out of today.  RAK stands for “Random Act of Kindness”.   I am a regular “RAK’er” and I get great pleasure from the unexpected smile from a stranger after I just bought them a cup of coffee, or loaded groceries into an elderly shoppers car, or picking up the lunch tab for a uniformed serviceman/woman.

But today I had a different idea.  I was thinking about an article I had just read about how an overweight woman had set up her camera and took photos of strangers mocking her behind her back in public.  Upon first reading, I loved it.  Loved her strength.  Loved how she took the power away from the mean-spirited and turned it back on them by using their pictures in her blog…showing that inner ugly is FAR uglier than a few extra pounds…but after reading it again, and seeing some friend’s comments on FB about it…I stopped to rethink…”WHY does it matter?”  “Why do people care what someone else looks like?  Is it because they feel poorly about themselves and the only way to feel better is to make someone feel worse than you?”   And that…is how my mind worked this morning on my whopping 5 minute drive.

So after my boobs were turned to pancakes, I knew I was heading to the mall for a “Brave Prize” for myself.  (After my kids had big doctors appointments..which, there were LOTS and LOTS in their early years…another story for another day…, we would stop for a “Brave Prize.”  )So naturally, I figured what I went through today deserved a brave prize.  So off to Macy’s!!

But on the way there, I stopped.  I bought some post-it notes and a sharpie pen.  Then, I RAK’d my way through Macy’s leaving post-it notes that said, “YOU (yes!  YOU!) are BEAUTIFUL!”  on every single women’s dressing room mirror.  It was so fun, and I felt so sneaky! (and I maybe bought myself several awesome brave prizes in the process…) I didn’t want to be spotted…I just hope that it made at least one person smile.  And I will never leave home without post-its and sharpie again.  And it is now my mission to do at least one RAK a day.  And my new motto??  “A RAK a day keeps bad karma away!”  Now go out and RAK someone!

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